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  • Puy Lentil and Couscous Salad

    A delicious mixture of French Puy Lentils and couscous dressed in a flavoursome dressing, with an array of chargrilled vegetables and herbs.

  • Delphi Original Houmous

    A Middle Eastern style starter made with chickpeas, sesame seed pulp and pure Mediterranean oil.

  • Edamame Beans & White Cheese Salad

    Infusing the Oriental and Greek cuisine, comes a delightful blend of soya beans, sun-dried tomatoes, white cheese and flavoursome herbs.

  • Pitted Green Olives

    Large green olives stuffed with sweet red pepper, ideal for salads or a side dish.

  • Couscous

    A traditional Middle Eastern salad made with cooked couscous and char-grilled vegetables.